The history of the Young Soldiers Success Group dates back to 2008, but at the time it held the name Young Soldiers. The name “Young Soldiers” was created from the idea of the United States Armed Forces instills in their enlisted members. The United States military trains and educates its enlisted soldiers to represent, protect, and display the values of the United States. In many cases, enlisted soldiers get deployed to different areas of the world throughout their careers. While they are stationed in these areas, the soldiers are a constant representation of their military branches' value, mission and vision. This is the culture and structure that we want to manifest within our organization here at Young Soldiers Success Group. We call each other “soldiers” because we display loyalty, respect, honor, courage, and selfless service to one another. We believe that the more members we can recruit to our organization, the more successful people we will have to spread and live the YSSG values. These values will impact and change the culture of our community to leave a powerful legacy. With having a military also comes to the preparation and readiness for war and battles. The war and battle that we here at Young Soldiers Success Group prepare our soldiers for, is life. 

We were originally named Young Soldiers Sports Group but soon realized we did not want to be limited to just sports. We wanted to steer away from people thinking that sports are the only way to make an impact or become successful. Sports are vital because of all the skills that you develop but not everyone in our community is involved in sports. So we changed our name to Young Soldiers Success Group. Success to us is seeing all of our soldiers grow everyday, become the best versions of themselves and master life. Young Soldiers Success Group is more than just a company, it is a family. A family that lasts a lifetime. A family that comes with success, quality and prosperity for all who choose to fully commit to our movement of empowering each other, impacting the youth and unifying our communities.